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Georges Braunschweig

Georges Braunschweig


Photographer freelance. I started in 1970 to take my first pictures at the Montreux Jazz Festival with the portrait of Roberta Flack. Through all concerts I discovered music in life, great artistes in action and became with the time friend with a lot of famous musicians.


My specialty is Jazz, Classic, Pop, Rock concerts in Montreux Jazz Festival, Cully Jazz Festival, OnzePlus Lausanne, Juan-les-Pins Jazz Festival and Ramatuelle Festival. I also work in theaters and for ballet compagnies such as Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Julio Arozarena Cie and in record studio. I worked in Zurich, London, NYC, Paris and in very small Club and Festivals.

Since 2020, I started to work on personal request specially on portrait private sessions.


I sell my photos to the newspapers, to records compagnies, as Atlantic, Eagle Rock, Philips, TV, The Montreux Jazz Label, BMG, Montreux Jazz as well as to books publishers and publicity.

 Most part of my photo’s archives are safely stored by the ‘’EPFL University of Lausanne ‘’ with more than 100.000 photos.


My collection is going from BB King, Miles Davis, Charles Lloyd, Charles Mingus, Astor Piazzola, Sonny Rollins, Bill Evans, Muddy Water, Art Blackey, Count Basie, Pop Rock, Deep Purple, Avishai Cohen, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Camerata, OSR, Yaron Hermann, Aretha Francklin, Santana, Nina Simone, Oscar Peterson, , Dizzy, MJQ  and new the artists from the today generation .


My way of working is from the sound check, rehearsal to the end of the show.

 What I like is smile, joy on the stage, a nice sound with a lot of emotion.

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